Example Applications

Prodigy has been used for a vast range of applications. Below are some summaries of typical applications.

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Mill and Mash Control System

Control of the Mill & Mash systems have been overseen by Prodigy and its precursor for over 30 years. The latest improvement drive to the process control and operator interfaces has led to significant upgrades.

mill mash screens

This case study details the control process employed to manage the Mill and Mash processes used by a global manufacturer and supplier of malted ingredients.

Engine Development CAHU

In order to consistently test internal combustion engines (ICE) it is critical to minimise the variance in the environment parameters, one of which is the air being used by the engine for combustion.

This case study details the Combustion Air Handling Units (CAHU) controlled and monitored by the Prodigy SCADA Test Cell systems used by a leading diesel engine manufacturer.

Automatic Mean Kinetic Temperature Calculation and Reporting

Prodigy functionality provided for pharmaceuticals company

Pharmaceutical industry regulations require that storage and transport temperatures are properly monitored and controlled. In addition, everything must be well documented, including corrective actions when certain temperature conditions are exceeded.

Pump Pressure Monitoring System

When pressure is applied to a filter from a moulding rig, it is critical that the pressure is within pre-defined limits to ensure high quality products are consistently manufactured.

This case study details the development of a bespoke Prodigy SCADA system used for the monitoring of pump pressure and batch reporting during a filter moulding process.

Span Gas Calibration Tracking

A tracking system for span gas or calibration gas has been supplied to Cummins Engines European Technical Centre at Darlington UK.

Specialised calibration gas mixtures are used by engine manufacturers for environmental compliance and engine emissions testing in order to meet required calibration standards when testing engines for production and research.

Autoclave Control and Process Monitoring

Retrofit autoclave control system designed to perform automatic temperature and pressure control cycles for advanced composites manufacturing in the aerospace industry.

Automated Wort Boiling Control

A system designed to take automatic control of the wort boiling process in a brewery so that an increase in consistency could be achieved and savings could be made in steam usage.

Automatic Retort Control

A system designed to automate the control of a small retort, used for University teaching and research.

Batch Process Monitoring

Batch process monitoring system improves product consistency for a major food manufacturer.

Centralised Alarms Management System

PAMS - Prodigy Centralised Alarms Management System replaces outdated alarm panels for supervisory control of multiple distributed alarm systems for monitoring all critical activities and functions.

Cleanroom Monitoring

Cleanroom environmental monitoring and access door control system using Prodigy SCADA software.

Crop Shear Optimisation

System to cut hot steel billets into "best" lengths using a cold shear gives reduced scrap and manning levels plus improves throughput.

Effluent Pump Control

Automated effluent pump control system to smooth flow and increase treatment plant efficiency and throughput.

Effluent Treatment Plant Monitoring System

effluent treatment monitoringEffluent treatment plant monitoring system using telemetry for data acquisition and networking for information distribution.

Energy Monitoring System

Energy monitoring system for realtime energy management of industrial utilities.

Evaporator Monitoring and Control

applications evaporatorThe requirement was for the upgrading of control and monitoring for two industrial evaporators utilising the existing Eurotherm controllers and Mitsubishi PLC.

Forging Process Monitoring

Forging process monitoring system reduces maintenance costs and boosts working time by accurate control of product throughput.

Furnace Control System

Furnace control system for roller hearth furnace used in the glass manufacturing industry.

Galvanizing Process Monitoring

Galvanizing process monitoring system for the efficient control of seven wire galvanizing production lines.

Gold Coating Chamber Control

Upgraded control for a gold coating chamber used for applying protective coatings to aircraft canopies in the aerospace industry.

Industrial Dryer Process Monitoring

Industrial dryer process monitoring at a fibre manufacturing plant improves process knowledge and product consistency.

Kiln Control - Grain Germination

kiln control grain germinationKiln control system for germination kilns used for the production of malt.

Kiln Control and Monitoring

Kiln control and monitoring system for a continuous pottery firing Glost tunnel kiln.

Laser Micrometer Wire Monitoring

Rectangular wire manufacturing system featuring on-line SPC analysis, batch tracking and continuous alarm monitoring.

Machine Control

machine control screenMachine control system for an industrial polishing machine used for optical quality polishing of acrylic plastic.

Packaging Line OEE & Utilization System

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) reporting and downtime monitoring system installed on eight pharmaceutical packaging lines at a manufacturing plant.

Paint Finish SPC

Improved product consistency and savings on paint usage on a paint coating manufacturing line.

Plastic Extrusion Process Monitoring and Control

System for monitoring and process control of plastic extrusion coating of steel pipes.

Production Control System

Production control system helps major home improvements manufacturer to improve product consistency, quality and output.

Pump Monitoring

pump monitoringPC based pump monitoring at a petroleum products tank farm, replacing obsolete control panel equipment.

PVC Coating Line Monitoring

Reduced downtime and energy usage plus improved process knowledge from a wire frame coating line monitoring system.

Remote Alarm Monitoring & Remote Process Control

Replacing pagers with mobile phones at Europe's second largest flour mill to ensure safe and efficient operation at lower manning levels.

Retort Control System

Multiple retort control and monitoring offers automated cooking cycles and single page 'proof of process' batch reports.

Rolling Road Test Facility

applications rollingRolling road test facility to provide performance profiles of a fleet of busses to reduce off road time and unnecessary maintenance.

Sterilizer and Washer-Disinfector Monitoring

Prodigy software has been adopted by Anville Instruments Ltd, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of data acquisition and temperature measurement systems.

Tank Farm Monitoring

Tank farm monitoring system for inventory management of oil and chemicals, featuring dual redundancy and radio telemetry.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Monitoring

Wastewater treatment monitoring system for replacement of obsolete manual controls and chart recorders using Prodigy SCADA software.

Weighbridge Remote Control

Automated weighbridge control reduces manning and improves goods movement planning.

Wet End Process Control and Monitoring

Improved wet end process knowledge at a fibre board manufacturing plant reduces wastage, improves product consistency and increases output.

Wool Scouring Line Control

Automatic line control system for wool scouring lines.