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Below are just a few of the reasons why systems integrators, OEM's, resellers and distributors are making Prodigy their preferred industrial automation software package.


Prodigy software is designed by systems integrators for systems integrators. The development of the software is driven by our reseller and end user applications and proven in use. This means that Prodigy provides quality systems that work well in real life applications.

Comprehensive Facilities

Prodigy features more dedicated facilities than any other software package in its class. This means that it can handle more applications "out of the box" reducing the time it takes to configure. It also features its own powerful sequence control language that can be used for even the most complex applications.

Cost Effective

Compare Prodigy with any other package and you will find it to be very cost effective. This is especially true as many package vendors continue to push up their prices, reduce discount levels or alter trading terms without discussion as they "re-align their market position". The use of flexible licensing - being able to tailor the I/O, tags and facilities to your requirements ensures that you get the very best value for your money.


Prodigy software is reliable. Forget the problems associated with the "bolt on" third party software facilities of some packages. Because Prodigy is an integrated software package all facilities are designed to work together seamlessly.


Prodigy is developed by Tascomp - an independent company. Most industrial software packages are now owned by large industrial "solution provider" conglomerate companies. This can cause two concerns for resellers.

Firstly, these companies are too large to give the individual service resellers deserve and they can use their size to dictate your business terms and conditions.

Secondly, they don't just want to sell you their software but also their hardware to go with it. Take this option and you become reliant on a single supplier with even more power to dictate the way you do business in the future.

Superior Support

We pride ourselves on the support we provide to our resellers. You may not need support often but when you do you usually need it fast. It will be when the system your best customer relies on 24/7 fails. At times like these you don't want to have to rely on an on-line user forum, several days wait for an e-mail reply or a support desk 'engineer' reading from the user manual.

With Prodigy you get support from the actual development staff which means a faster resolution to your support issue. It's something you need to experience!

If you are interested in becoming a Prodigy reseller or distributor please contact us.