Chart Recorder Software - Prodigy Chart Recorder

Prodigy Chart Recorder provides all the software you need to turn a standard PC into a powerful replacement for tiled mimics and multi-pen chart recorders. It is also ideal for monitoring and data acquisition systems with limited I/O signal requirements.

Prodigy Chart Recorder functioanlity includes;

  • Realtime Database
  • OPC and All Drivers
  • Menu Selection
  • System SecurityProdigy Chart Recorder
  • Display Builder
  • Core Alarm Facilities
  • Realtime Trending
  • SLANG Runtime
  • Display/Database Configuration
  • Historic Trending

Chart Recorder comes as standard with 16 I/O points and 32 internal tag allowance.

Fully Upgradeable

Similar to the other Prodigy packages can be upgraded at anytime with additional I/O points, internal tags and add-on facilities so you can expand to meet your requirements. Any of the facilities available in the Prodigy Complete package can be added simply by changing the software license. Such facilities include batch and recipe handling, SPC and FDA 21 CFR part 11 Compliance amongst others. This makes Prodigy Chart Recorder one of the most flexible, adaptable and powerful software packages in its class.

Chart Recorder also provides the following benefits over manual chart recorders;

Accuracy of data - pinpoint data accuracy to the second fom any time span of recorded information.

Data handling and manipulation - unlimited channels, channel filtering and powerful trending tools make it child's play to find, view and highlight the data you need.

Data storage - the ability to archive data to CD ROM allows for ease of data storage, retrieval and sharing.

Lower cost of ownership- savings on pen and chart replacement gives Prodigy Chart Recorder lower lifetime cost of ownership.

Fixed or Transportable Licenses
Prodigy packages come with fixed or transportable licenses.Fixed licenses can be used on one computer and cannot be moved to another without re-registering the license. Transportable licenses are dongle based and can be moved from one computer to another without having to re-register the license.

Prodigy Chartstation software provides network access to any Prodigy Chart Recorder system and allows full viewing of the remote system information on any networked PC. Find out more in the Network Access category.

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