Network Access & Interconnect

A range of packages are available that will allow you to access your Prodigy systems from any location via Ethernet, Internet or dial up connections.

Remote Access

Prodigy  makes it easy for you to access live information, trends and reports from any location. By using industry standard TCP/IP connections, any number of remote users may access any Prodigy system without disturbing the normal operation of that system. Prodigy makes it easy to achieve these connections using your existing office network, wide area network or Internet connection.

Remote Workstation

Prodigy Remote Workstation provide view and modify access to any Prodigy server. This can be customised to give precise control over the facilities which are available for each user. Remote Workstation provides full control over the target Prodigy server, allowing operators to take control from any location. This include recipe control, alarm acceptance, report creation/generation, display creation, realtime and histroric trending, etc. It can connect to any number of Prodigy systems, either on a broadband TCP/IP network or via dial-up connection. The system manager can configure Prodigy Remote Workstation to give full or limited access to each Prodigy system it connects to.

Remote Viewstation

Prodigy Remote Viewstation provides view only access to any Prodigy server. This remote view can match the facilities available on the target system or be configured to provide a custom view for each different user. As a view only connection you can be sure that remote users cannot take control of or modify data on the target system. This is ideal for 'data consumers' such as senior management, Quality Control etc. It is a lower cost alternative to Remote Workstation and can be advantageous for safeguarding a system from interference whilst allowing full system viewing.

Remote Chartstation

Prodigy Remote Chartstation allows network access to any Prodigy Chart Recorder system and allows full viewing of the remote system information on any networked PC.


SmartView™ provides a whole new way to access your Prodigy systems, live, from anywhere in the world!

SmartView™ adds web server capability to your Prodigy system. This allows you to use any web browser to view the displays and trends from your Prodigy system via any Internet or Ethernet connection.

Imagine being able to access your Prodigy system via your smart phone, tablet PC, iPad, laptop or desktop computer in the same way as you browse the Internet. This will allow you to access your live system whilst in your office, working away, traveling or even from home.

Using the latest HTML5 standard technology, SmartView™ is compatible with most web browsers including MS Edge, Google Chrome, Safari and Fire Fox. Secure access is maintained via a user name and password system, which also allows you to restrict what each user is able to see and do via their account. For extra security you can register the MAC address of each device that is allowed to access the system to prevent a compromised account from being accessed from other locations.

Prodigy Interconnect

Prodigy Interconnect provides a simple way to share realtime signal values between any number of Prodigy systems. This allows each system to receive the same data values without the need to duplicate I/O.

Each system can be configured to use any shared data value for any specific purpose. For example a shared data value may be needed to trigger alarms in one system and be logged by another.

Prodigy Interconnect uses NetBIOS and TCP/IP networking to transfer data between systems, allowing any number of Prodigy systems to be connected together. This makes it easy to develop any Prodigy system to provide DCS (Distributed Control System) capability, as required, cost effectively.

For further information on Network Access or Interconnect refer to the Prodigy Technical Overview.