Trending (Graphing)

Prodigy includes state of the art trending or graphing facilities. Whether you are looking for sub-second detail or a seasonal trend, Prodigy's trend graph facilities will quickly provide the information you require.

Intelligent Recording

Prodigy implements intelligent recording strategies that are user configurable on a tag by tag basis. These strategies allow Prodigy to capture the maximum signal detail whilst using the minimum storage space. This means that the trend graph display can handle more data, more quickly.trend


Realtime Trends

Show real-time trends of any signal, even if that signal is not being recorded.

Any number of signals per trend display.

Adjustable chart speed.

Any number of trend graph displays per screen display.

Modify signal selection in real-time, "on-the-fly".

Instantly switch to historical view of the same signal selection.

Choose from pre-set or custom time spans.

Historic Trends

Unlimited signals per trend graph display.

Display data over any time period.

Prodigy places no restrictions on the amount of data that can be viewed.

Retrieve batch graphs using your own batch names.

Modify trends in real-time, "on-the-fly".

Instantly switch back to real-time view of data.

Vertical cursor can be positioned at any point across the trend and allows exact signal values to be read.

Provides seamless access to all recorded data.

Zoom in on areas of interest.

Auto-scale signal ranges "on-the-fly" to improve clarity of small data changes.

Real-time data smoothing.

View archived data directly from CD or file server.

Supports min, max and average graphing modes

Live Switching

Prodigy allows you to switch seamlessly between live and historical data. Double click on any real-time trend graph and it instantly switches to the historical view of the same signal values.

Mean or Peak Trends

Prodigy trending incorporates mean and peak mode viewing. Whilst mean is ideal for short to medium time spans, long time spans can tend to become cluttered.

With the peak mode, Prodigy draws two trend graph lines that describe an envelope around the max and min trend values. This keeps the display uncluttered, making it easier to see the underlying trends.

Unlimited Time Span

There is no limit to the time span that a Prodigy trend graph can display. Whether you want to look at a couple of seconds or several years' worth of data on one view, Prodigy will provide the graphs you require.
Right clicking on the trend area allows you to either select from a number of set time spans or input a custom time span of your choice.

Zoom In Or Out

You can zoom in on any area of interest simply by dragging the cursor over the relevant part of the trend.

Axis Sliding

You can slide the y axes while in real time trending. To do this shift click on one of the axis tick values on the axis that you want to slide and then drag the value up or down. The whole axis will move and the trend will follow it. Axis sliding is useful for moving overlapping traces into areas that make them easier to read.


Graticules are dashed horizontal lines that aid data read off. Any or all of the trend y axes can have a graticule displayed. Options allow graticules to be added to individual or all traces or pre-defined in the trend configuration.

Data Scrolling

Prodigy trending has a full range of scrolling, panning and zooming facilities. The trend graph window can be scrolled left or right ad infinitum, allowing you to view recorded data from any given time period.


Prodigy trending incorporates fully interactive smoothing of noisy data. Successively increasing the smoothing level can remove spikes from data allowing the underlying trend to show through more clearly.


Operators may record notes at any time via the Prodigy Comments facility saying for instance, why a particular alarm occurred. The position in time of these comments can be shown on any trend simply by pressing the "Notes" button. Clicking on a specific note then displays the comment that was entered by the operator.

Batch Aware

Prodigy trends are "batch aware", which means that they fit seamlessly with the Prodigy Batch handling facilities. When a batch is selected the trend view is automatically adjusted to frame the timespan of the batch.

The batch start and end times are displayed at either end of the trend graph. If Tag Aliasing has been used the tags shown in the trend are automatically switched to be those relevant to the selected batch.

View Archived Data

Prodigy makes it easy for you to view archived data, provided it has been archived to a direct-access device. Whether this is a floppy, CD or hard drive, simply click the button to tell Prodigy Trends where to find the data.

Modify "on-the-fly"

Prodigy allows you to modify which tags you see in a trend "on-the-fly". This allows you to quickly view the state of any tag in the system on a one-off basis without having to configure a specific trend.  

Multi Trending

Multi Trending is a facility that allows two different sets of data for the same set of signals to be displayed and compared against each other. One set of trends is shown in full brightness (foreground) while the other set is dimmed (background).

The axes and the information area show details of the current foreground trend. A toggle button allows you easily to switch trend sets from background to foreground.

The two sets of trends can be displayed “on top” of each other or side by side and all axes for either set of trends can be dragged as for live trends – see Axis Sliding.

Multi Trending works in Historic Trending mode and is an add-on facility.