SQL Support

Prodigy supports Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access databases with a simple ‘one tick’ option letting you chose between Access or SQL databases.

  • Compatible with any MS SQL Server installation from Express right up to Enterprise. Prodigy ships with the installer for SQL Server Express to get you up and running immediately.
  • SQL removes most if not all of the restrictions that Access has, for example on maximum number of columns per table and maximum database size (in Access 255 and 2gb respectively; in SQL 30,000 and 524,272 terabytes).
  • Fully customisable connection string for accessing your SQL Server, including “hidden” password inclusion (end users will not see any passwords used).
  • Tools to convert Access to SQL and vice versa.
  • All Prodigy configurations designed for Access will work with SQL with no further work required – there are no configuration differences between the two database systems.