Software Controllers

Prodigy communicates with a wide range of three term (PID) controllers and also implements its own controllers in software. These provide a low cost alternative to hardware controllers and allow greater flexibility in configuration and use.



Sotware PID controllers offering a full range of facilities:

  • Auto-tune
  • Direct/reverse acting
  • Analogue/Digital (on-off) control
  • Bumpless transfer
  • All PID terms dialled in or taken from signals
  • Controller variables available to Prodigy trending
  • Profile control
  • Auto/manual power control
  • Cascade control
Access to industry standard hardware controllers.

Library of controller faceplates to use in Prodigy displays.

Prodigy's software controllers implement all the functionality of a hardware controller, including direct or reverse acting, digital control and "bumpless transfer".

software controller configuration

Any number of software controllers can be configured. Each one can have PID terms that are either entered via the Software Controllers configuration panel or taken from signal values. This allows tuning parameters to be linked to production recipes, which makes tuning the controllers a fast and easy process.

The Auto-tune facility automatically calculates optimal PID terms for an 'average' controller response. These terms can be manually adjusted to obtain the required degree of overshot versus rate of approach to set point.

ControllersProdigy's software controllers can be used in conjunction with hardware controllers to provide cascade control.

Prodigy comes complete with a library of controller faceplates for many industry standard controllers. These can be used as a template for your own faceplates for other controllers or for Prodigy's software controllers.