SMS & Email Facilities

Prodigy provides a number of ways to keep in touch with your business using your mobile phone or email access.


SMS - Interactive

Receive alarm notification on your mobile cellular phone.

Any number of recipients.

Arrange alarms into user groups.

Log on/off by user or group.

Uses standard modem.

SMS alarm indicates:
  • Plant area
  • Alarm date
  • Alarm time
  • Alarm condition
  • Current measurement
Accept alarms from your mobile cellular phone.

Receive mini reports.

Secure alarm acceptance.

Built in command Help.

Uses GSM modem.

No landline required.


Email alarms

Distribute alarms to any email address.

Accept alarm via email reply.

Receive event messages.

Request process reports.


Mobile phone SMSSMS - Interactive

SMS2 provides a fully interactive alarm facility making it possible to monitor and control any industrial process remotely from any location by cellular mobile phone.

The facility uses simple text commands to send and receive data in the form of SMS text messages. To transmit and receive the messages a GSM radio modem is required, which connects to the system PC.

Configuration is straightforward with each user being assigned sets of alarms and signal reports that that they can receive. Each user can then use their mobile phone to;

  • Receive alarm notifications
  • Accept alarms 
  • Request the value of one or more individual signals
  • Request a pre-configured report of any number of signals 
  • Set the value of a signal 
  • Send a text message to the Prodigy system (which will be displayed in a dialog box on the Prodigy display) 
  • Log on and off the system

Read how SMS - Interactive was used to replace pagers at Europe's second largest flour mill

Technical Details - SMS - Interactive

  • PC Windows based software
  • Minimum requirements - Pentium processor based PC (233 or above recommended) Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • Compatible with all current GSM modems
  • Interfaces directly with existing control equipment & accepting data from-
  • Contact closure inputs
  • PLC's & Data acquisition units
  • OPC Client/Server
  • DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange)
  • Radio links
  • Manual input
  • Handles from 1 to 4000 alarms or process signals
  • 4 Alarm levels per signal - Very Low, Low, High & Very High
  • Signal Strength indicator
  • Utilises any mobile cellular phone with SMS capability

E-mail Alarms and Reports

The interactive functionality of the SMS-Interactive facility is also available by E-mail. E-mail is ideal for getting information directly to management.

This facility not only allows you to receive alarms, accept alarms, log on/off and receive signal values but also reports, either on demand or as an accompaniment to alarm messages.

Prodigy sends e-mail messages by communicating with an e-mail server. Standard SMTP and POP3 server addresses (and dial up connection details if used) can be easily set up using the Email Manager Configuration dialogue box.