SmartView Mobile Business Intelligence

SmartView allows you to remotely access your operational kpi data directly from any mobile device allowing industrial mobile business intelligence.

Acting as a mobile dashboard SmartView displays real time metrics directly from your Prodigy system allowing you to view the critical information you need for the smooth running of your business, whenever, wherever.

smart kpi

React faster to problems occurring.

View data from multiple sites from any device

Cross platform capability

SmartView works on any mobile device that can connect wirelessly to the Internet and has a HTML5 browser.

The range of devices includes;

  • Smart phones - Apple iPhone, Android, Windows
  • Tablet devices - Apple iPad, Android tablets
  • Notebooks, laptops and PDA's.

Not 'App' reliant

SmartView utilises a secure mobile web server to display data directly to your device browser. There is no need to install software or download apps. This eliminates the need to maintain multiple versions of apps for native clients or having to deal with app stores.

Works on any size of browser. Standardised data display formats allow instant setup without time consuming configuration.

Secure. Your sensitive data is not stored on the device so there is no local copy to lose if the device is stolen. The data only resides on the SmartView server. User access can be unrestricted or limited by password and IP address.