Sequence of Event Recorder

Prodigy's Sequence of Event Recorder or Signal Event Logger records state changes in digital or finite state signals.

Sequence of Event Recorder records:

  • The name and description of the signal.
  • The date and time at which the change occurred, along with the date and time at which it was logged.
  • The state that the signal changed from and to.

Signal Event Viewer

The Signal Event Viewer is used to view the logged events and filter and sorting options make it easy to identify the exact information you need.

The toolbar allows you to:

  • Print the currently selected records.
  • Display the Help About box.
  • Select a point in time around which you want to view events.
  • Select a time span between which you want to view events.
  • Re-read or refresh the state Log for new events.
  • Filter options including choosing a signal, enable or disable, include or exclude etc.
  • Select highlight colour/s for signal/s displayed.
  • Export as either CSV or Text, with options over which files are dumped.
  • Sort the data in different ways by simply clicking on the relevant column heading.