Proof of Process Reports

Combining one off process information, alarms, events and process graphs, Prodigy's Proof-of-Process reports provide the ideal process record on a single page.

Many manufacturing operations require Proof-of-Process reports before their products can be released. This is especially true in the food, aerospace and pharmaceutical industries. Traditionally, they take the form of several sheets of paper collected from different parts of the manufacturing process, which are clipped together and archived.

pop report

Prodigy's Proof-of-Process reports provide a much more efficient solution. They combine alarm histories with one off batch details and any number of process trends into a neat single page report that provides a permanent Proof-of-Process record. They are very easy to configure, with full control over the report layout, allowing them to be kept up to date with the requirements of the process. Storage of Proof-of-Process reports in PDF format is becoming the industry standard for long term record storage.