When you need more than simple trends Multigraph is the easiest way to simplify complex graph requirements.
Designed for development environments and end of line test systems, Multigraph provides a flexible way to view your process information against time or as a plot of one variable against another.

One type of graph that is often used is an X-Y plot. This simply plots any Y variable against any other X variable (provided there is some sort of common relationship between the X and the Y values).



  • Automatic over-plots
  • SQL data filters
  • X/Y point sorting
  • Flexible graph layout
  • Automated reporting
  • Versatile mark styles
Multigraph provides facilities to plot any number of Y values against a related X value and to overlay many different data runs on the same plot, for comparison purposes. It also provides the facility to plot different sets of X-Y mappings on to separate graphs on the same plot, and also allows for batch specific data to be displayed in one or more graph headers.

Graph Layout

Multigraph uses simple drawing tools that allow you to create any number of X/Y axes with exactly the layout you require, giving total flexibility over the way your data is presented.

Data points can be automatically sorted and filtered and the graphs can be augmented with annotation or one off header information as required. Over plotting offsets make it easy to present several data sets on one report with the header information, position, line types and line colours etc. automatically adjusted for each over plot.

Report Generation

Producing complex reports covering several data sets is no longer a time consuming task. The powerful data sorting and filtering options in Multigraph make it possible to submit any number of data sets to a pre defined report layout and generate the required report without any manual data manipulation. Multigraph is ideal for product development or end of line test systems.

Multigraph facility comes as standard in the Prodigy Complete package and is an add-on option in Lite or Classic packages.