Calibration Tracking

Prodigy Calibration provides a quick and convenient way to calibrate input channels, whilst also providing full traceability and reporting facilities.


Calibration Tracking

Built in calibration tool.

Simplifies calibration.

Log calibration settings.

Calibration traceability.

Note facility.

Unlimited configurations.

Reduces calibration time.

Prodigy Calibration allows the calibration of up to eight channels at a time using a named configuration and many configurations may be created.

Each signal is calibrated by specifying two endpoint values in both external units and Engineering Units and all subsequent readings of this signal will be scaled using these calibration values. A user may interactively check his calibration and attach notes to each signal if he wishes.

Both the external and engineering values are stored in the Signal Database and also in an Access™ database, along with other calibration information, such as the Operator/User who performed the calibration, any special notes regarding a particular signal and calibration check values for the signals.

Reports may be requested and displayed on the screen or printed showing either the calibrations on all signals between two dates or the calibration on one particular signal.