Automatic Data Archive

Prodigy's Automatic Data Archive (Automatic Archiving) handles not only the archiving of old data, but also the backup of current data and the management of free disk space for continuously recorded data.

The facility provides two functions - Archive of Old Data and Backup of Current Data.

Archive of Old Data

It makes good sense to limit the amount of current data and to move older data to some permanent archive storage, such as tape or CD. One reason for this is that having 1000’s of directories degrades performance when viewing the data across a network, so it is better to keep the amount of data folders to a sensible limit.

Archive of old data can move all continuous data older than a given number of months to another area, from which it can be archived to other media. Another option is that the archive area can simply be left, because that entire area is regularly backed up. The key is to move the data to another area away from Prodigy.

The facility is simple to configure by choosing the time after which to archive data, the time after which to delete data and the path to the archive directory.

Backup of Current Data

The backup of current data is different to archiving – archiving moves old data to a different area and removes it from the Prodigy area while Backup copies current data and configuration files to another area for “safe keeping” in case of system failures or user errors. Again simple configuration allows you to chose the backup interval, to back up files newer than a chosen date, and the backup path.

The Automatic Data Archive facility is standard on the Prodigy Classic and Complete packages and can be added to the Lite and Chart Recorder packages.


The SpaceWatch facility can be used to ensure that sufficient disk space is available for the continuous data recording. It is designed to monitor the percentage of free disk space available and when this falls below a chosen threshold value delete old data. The facility allows you to set the age range of the data that can be deleted or must not be deleted and the trigger level percentage of free disk space available. There is also the option to set a minimum level which will trigger an alarm if the free disk space level falls below it.

The SpaceWatch facility is standard in all Prodigy packages.