Prodigy is a clean 32-bit application that is fully client/server based. It provides event driven real-time response with millisecond time stamping. Its scalable architecture enables it to be applied to a wide range of requirements covering HMI, SCADA and DCS applications.

Some benefits of Prodigy architecture..

Drivers Included

Standard Prodigy packages provide a wide range of standard drivers that allow it to connect to thousands of industrial devices. This includes PLCs, PID controllers, distributed data acquisition units and even industrial PC plug in cards for direct digital control.prodigy architecture

Share Real-time Data

Prodigy Interconnect provides a simple way to share realtime signal values between several Prodigy systems. This allows each system to receive the same data values without the need to duplicate I/O. Only the data that each system is interested in is passed between the systems, keeping network traffic to a minimum.

Remote Access



Standard drivers for:
  • PLCs
  • PID controllers
  • Distributed data acquisition units
  • RTUs
  • Thermal scanners
  • Barcode readers
  • Check weighers
  • Analysers
  • PC plug-in cards
  • OPC
  • DDE
  • True colour displays
  • Any PC graphics resolution
  • Multi-monitor displays
  • Touch screens
  • Panel PCs
  • Light pens
  • Remote access terminals
  • System watchdogs
  • Network data backup
  • Up to 64 serial drivers per PC


Client/server architecture.
Rapid, event driven response.
Clean 32-bit application.
Efficient real-time database.
Unlimited database size.
Distributed data access.
Local or remote data processing.
LAN, WAN,Wi-Fi or PSTN remote access.

Runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems

Prodigy Remote Workstation runs on any desktop PC and allows you full access to any Prodigy system on your network. Prodigy Remote Workstation even works in conjunction with the Internet or dial-up networking to allow you to access Prodigy systems at remote sites.

Accurate Timing

Prodigy time stamps all measurements at source. This allows it to keep the measurement’s original time stamp, or attach a PC clock time stamp as required.

SMS & Email Access

For mobile workers, Prodigy provides a range of options to access vital information via mobile cell phone and email facilities. This includes alarm notification, alarm acceptance and mini reports.


Prodigy systems can start small, with just a single PC and the Prodigy Lite package to provide a low cost stand alone HMI/SCADA system. Larger systems can make use of the Prodigy Classic and Complete packages to provide additional facilities as well as the Remote Workstation and Interconnect packages to create a distributed control and monitoring system.

Real-time Database

Prodigy's real-time database provides a central reference for all signal details such as tag, description, units, normal range, etc. This ensures that details are kept consistent throughout even the largest systems. Powerful tag search, substitution and grouping facilities help to speed system creation and significantly reduce development time.


With SmartView, you can turn any Prodigy system into a live web server capable of providing remote access on HTML5 browsers.

Rapid Development

Unlike many older SCADA packages, Prodigy systems do not require compiling before they can be run. By using the latest in object orientated design techniques any changes you make within Prodigy can be applied instantly. This instant design-to-run mode switching makes Prodigy more interactive and significantly reduces development time. You can even edit the signal database on a working system and use the Go Live button to action the changes with no need to restart the system.

Instant Data

Prodigy’s architecture allows any active display to demand fresh signal values from the plant. This is essential in larger systems as it reduces the impact of limited serial communications bandwidth and significantly improves screen refresh rates.

Dual Computer Support

For mission critical applications Prodigy offers tru dual redundant architecture ensuring no loss of data in the vent of a PC failure. During normal operation, both PC systems are kept synchronised to ensure that no data is lost in the event of a PC failure. A heart beat signal ensures that failure of either PC is detected quickly. Prodigy notes the time at which the loss occurred and uses this information to re-synchronise the dual systems once the fault has been rectified.

Fast & Efficient

Real-time measurements are compressed on-the-fly to reduce storage requirements and speed up access to historic trends. Prodigy’s intelligent recording strategies ensure that the maximum signal detail is captured whilst using the minimum of storage space.