Tascomp recognises its quality responsibilities under the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Tascomp Ltd is involved in the development of industrial automation software. This software is supplied to independent systems integrators and OEMS and also configured as ‘ready to use’ systems for our own end users.
Tascomp is committed to quality excellence. We will achieve this through ensuring this quality policy statement and associated procedures are applied to all work undertaken within the company.

Achieving quality excellence will mean we consistently meet our customers’ expectations. Through this quality policy, we commit to the following:
  • Effective management of a highly competent product realisation process, using our own in house software development and hardware assembly to meet customer needs in a timely manner.
  • Complying with all applicable legislation and training requirements
  • Ensuring all changes to our products and procedures are adequately tested prior to implementation
  • Ongoing measurement of our customer experience, using customer feedback to make improvements
  • Developing mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and ensuring we deliver the best value for our customers through these relationships
  • Continually reviewing and improving our processes, products and customer experience
In addition to regular audits of our procedures, our Managing Director is committed to ensuring full compliance of our quality processes and control as an ongoing function.

Our quality policy will be flexible, adapting to changing technologies and customer needs, enabling us to maintain high quality standards.

This policy of Quality Assurance is in place to ensure that the overall organisational objectives of the company are met. The objectives of this company are to ensure that the best possible products and services are supplied to the company’s valued clients, and that the company is able to meet customer needs and requirements as effectively and efficiently as possible.

It is the intention of the Managing director that this policy along with all other policies will be reviewed on an annual basis at the management review meeting.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

ISO9001 2015 Tascomp