Wool Scouring Line Control

Automatic line control system for wool scouring lines.

The system controls a pair of wool scouring lines, used to clean wool before it is dyed and sold for the manufacture of clothes and carpets. Twenty different control profiles were determined, containing a description of their use, the seven temperature controller setpoints and the regain settings.

Operators can then select the required profile for the next lot and enter other parameters, such as the customer’s name, before starting. The system will take automatic control of the chosen line, adjusting setpoints for temperature, fan speed and damper position to achieve precise control of the measured regain at the dryer exit.


Key Benefits


Wool Scouring Line Control


  • Improved product consistency
  • Reduced wastage
  • Increased output
  • Better understanding of the process

The lines are monitored at different points to check the humidity, temperature, transfer rates, steam flows and the state of the fans. All signals are checked against a set of four predefined alarm limits.

Any signal deviating into an alarm region will be logged by the system and it will be highlighted to the operator through the permanent alarm banner and on an alarm printer.

Details of each lot run are stored into batch files for later analysis. They can be output either as printed tabular logs, or as graph plots which combine analogue traces with header information such as the lot number and the wool type.

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