Wastewater Treatment Plant Monitoring

Wastewater treatment monitoring system for replacement of obsolete manual controls and chart recorders using Prodigy SCADA software.

wastewater treatment monitoringPlant disturbances on a wastewater treatment plant which discharges to a river can have disastrous consequences and, therefore, it is imperative that the monitoring system warn of significant changes as early as possible.

In addition, the wastewater treatment plant runs unmanned for long periods of time and in the event of an alarm condition, unfamiliar staff need to be quickly directed to take corrective actions.

The project involved the replacement of obsolete manual controls and chart recorders with a single PC based system.


Key Benefits

  Wastewater Treatment Plant Monitoring


  • Replacement of ageing chart recorders and out of date plant mimic panels
  • Direct link to existing PLCs
  • Ability to modify the plant mimic as the process is altered
  • Provision of online maintenance to build a knowledge store from their expert staff
  • Increased plant efficiency allows improved output without capital expenditure

Using Prodigy’s online maintenance facility, alarm conditions linked to the appearance of maintenance icons provide the user with access to the knowledge store. This included: Word documents detailing normal preventative actions, standard procedures and parts lists; PDF files of Plant schematics and wiring diagrams; and annotated digital photographs of the relevant valves, pumps etc.

Automatic measurements, such as the amount of wastewater discharged and recycled, were combined with manual entries of, for example, the quantity of solids removed to provide weekly reports to all key staff.

An important benefit provided by the system was the ease of analysis of plant data, which is continuously recorded. In particular the on screen trending was a major improvement over the older recorder charts.

Using the new system it was possible to increase the treatment plant throughput considerably. This allowed the company to bring extra manufacturing capacity online, which would not have been possible before without expensive upgrade of the wastewater treatment plant.

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