Tank Farm Monitoring

Tank farm monitoring system for inventory management of oil and chemicals, featuring dual redundancy and radio telemetry.

The system is used for monitoring twelve oil and chemical tanks and various field instruments, which are located at a distance of up to one kilometre from the central generating hall at a nuclear power station.


Key Benefits


Tank Farm Monitoring


  • Easy to use, informative and intuitive interface
  • Low cost installation
  • Dual redundancy of receiving nodes
  • Continuous recording for historic trending
  • Easily expandable

To minimising the cable runs required, radio telemetry interface units were used. This also had the advantage of simplifying the requirement for dual redundancy of the monitoring PCs because two receiver units could be used and transparently switched between master and slave control in the event of a failure.

By using low power radio transmitters, with directional antennae, any interference effects with other equipment is avoided and the installation and commissioning tasks became very straightforward.

The tank levels are also monitored so that if the levels become low, a summary report is produced which is faxed to the purchasing department to prompt for a new delivery of oil or chemicals.

Prodigy's easy expandability ensures that the system can grow to meet any future requirements without replacing the system or loss of investment.

A site plan of the tank farm was created using the display facility, which allows the user to click on the tank of interest and then view the relevant data. The signal data is recorded to the hard disk and made available on a set of trend displays, so that changes over any period of time can be easily viewed.

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