Sterilizer and Washer-Disinfector Monitoring

Prodigy software has been adopted by Anville Instruments Ltd, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of data acquisition and temperature measurement systems. The company has specialist expertise in the health care industry supplying monitoring systems for autoclave sterlizers and washer-disinfectors.

For Hospitals, Anville is a major supplier of autoclave/steriliser/washer-disinfector validation equipment to meet the requirements of HTM2010/2030. Over fifty systems are in use in hospitals in the UK and Europe. They also have proven applications in pharmaceutical, process monitoring, test bed monitoring, white goods manufacture R & D.

Sterilizer Monitoring and Washer Disinfector Monitoring Systems

For sterilizer and washer-disinfector “independent” cycle monitoring an accurate, reliable measurement system is required. The Anville systems provide “independent” cycle monitoring and can be used on both single cabinet and tunnel washer-disinfectors and autoclave sterilizers.

The system can be used immediately - no programming is required. More flexible than a chart recorder, the Series 615 with Prodigy software sets a new standard with its ease of system operation and configuration, providing data acquisition, data display, alarm monitoring and end-of-cycle report print out.

Autoclave Sterilizer & Washer-Disinfector Display
Each autovlave sterilizer and washer-disinfector has a separate display page with a trend graph; machine status, cycle number and current temperature, pressure, flow and conductivity data etc.

Report Display & Print-out
A “proof of process” report can be printed out automatically at the end of each cycle. A list of all available cycles for that autoclave sterilizer or washer-disinfector can be viewed and printed out on manual command.

Data Archiving
The data archiving facility allows long term secure archiving of each batch cycle from each sterilizer and washer-disinfector.

Anville Instruments sterilizer and washer disinfector monitoring systems are based on the Anville Series 615 data logger (see below).

Anville Series 615 Data Logger

Anville Series 615 Data LoggerEach Series 615 data logger monitors temperature, pressure, conductivity, detergent flow, machine status sensors from a single autoclave sterilizer or washer-disinfector.

The Series 615/WD has eight “configurable” analogue inputs, eight status inputs, one pulse count input and controls two relay outputs. The analogue inputs can be configured to monitor PT100 temperature sensors, pressure transducers, conductivity transmitters etc.

The Series 615/ST has four dedicated type T thermocouple inputs and four “configurable” analogue inputs. Supplied in a waterproof housing, the Series 615 data logger can be mounted adjacent to the sterilizer or washer-disinfector, reducing sensor lead lengths and installation problems. Connection to the host computer is by 'standard' serial communication, with up to eight Series 615 units linked together.