PVC Coating Line Monitoring

Reduced downtime and energy usage plus improved process knowledge from a wire frame coating line monitoring system.

The system was designed to monitor 3 wire frame coating lines. Primarily this was aimed at determining accurate reasons for any stoppage periods.

Having collected a few weeks of down time information, the management were in a position to perform a Pareto analysis on the data and then target specific reasons to improve the productivity of each of the lines.


Key Benefits


PVC Coating Line Monitoring


  • Better understanding of process
  • Increased throughput
  • Increased profits
  • Machine utilisation reports

An interlock mechanism was employed to force the operators to enter the reason for any down time of over 5 minutes. This data was then recorded into shift based batch files for later analysis.

Detailed reports of all stoppages and product throughput, covering everything from a single shift through to several months of running, were then available to the management.

The system was also set up to monitor a series of furnace temperatures. These were recorded to provide detailed historic trend graphs so that the performance of the furnace could be monitored under different conditions. As a result of this, the required warm up times for the furnace were found to be several hours less than had been assumed for many years.

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