Paint Finish SPC

Improved product consistency and savings on paint usage on a paint coating manufacturing line.
The system was designed to monitor the paint coating applied to wire products such as baskets and shelves. Hand held thickness and colour meters were installed with serial communications back to the supervisory computer.

Each time a measurement is taken, it is logged by the system and made available for subsequent analysis. In addition, the control elements of the process, such as temperatures, pressures and track speeds were also monitored and controlled.


Key Benefits


Paint Finish SPC

  • Reduced paint usage
  • Improved consistency
  • Increased profit
  • Automatic machine utilisation reports
Through this monitoring, the various elements of the process have become clearer and this has allowed the customer to experiment to improve the consistency and quality of the end products.

Reductions have been made in gas usage as the heater control has been improved. Significant savings were also made in paint costs by accurately controlling the quantity sprayed onto the products and by turning off sprayers not in use.

The provision of detailed production reports has also allowed the customer to gain a better understanding of process faults and has led to a quicker response to plant disturbances.

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