Packaging Line OEE & Utilization System

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) reporting and downtime monitoring system installed on eight pharmaceutical packaging lines at a manufacturing plant.

The manufacturer wanted to improve OEE to world class standards but found that using manual data collection and reporting did not provide the accuracy or availability of data required to meet their target. The PC based system running Prodigy software uses the integrated Downtime Monitoring facility for real time OEE and downtime reporting and analysis.

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Each of the eight packaging lines is in a clean room environment and comprises four machines including a blister machine, carton machine, overwrapper and case sealer.

Keypad terminals adjacent to each line collect data directly from the machines and act as interfaces allowing operators to both input and view information. Data is sent from the terminals via the existing Ethernet LAN to a central PC eliminating the need for cabling in sensitive clean room areas.


Key Benefits


Packaging Line OEE and Utilization System


  • Quality information allows better management decisions
  • Frees staff to do more value added work
  • Eliminates data inaccuracies
  • Information is available instantly for analysis
  • Optimises OEE, throughput and profits

The PC display provides multi-level displays of the packaging lines with an overview display that shows the status of all lines at a single glance. Key performance indicators such as OEE are displayed on screen and continuously updated. By clicking on the overview display users can switch to individual line or machine displays for more detailed information.

The system continuously monitors all machines and accurately records downtime. For long duration stoppages (typically over 60 seconds) the operator selects a reason for the stoppage from a multi-line scroll menu on the keypad terminals. Shorter duration stoppages are not assigned a reason but the downtime is still recorded and accumulated as short stoppage time.

Free form text comments can be added to any of the downtime events allowing for advanced analysis. Multiple downtime reasons can be assigned sequentially to any stoppage as required.

Machines are interlocked after two long stoppages have occurred. This stops the machine from being restarted until a valid reason has been selected for both stoppages. This ensures that downtime reasons are recorded and reduces delays often associated with interlocking after every stoppage.

Tabular and graphical reports detailing downtime, OEE, production and scrap counts are generated per shift. As all data is recorded continuously reports as well as real-time and historical trends can be viewed on demand. Analysis of data can be against any time period, line, operator, product etc.

The system has freed staff from manual data collection and processing, stopped data inaccuracies being introduced and eliminated delays in data availability. By providing accurate information on demand the system allows staff to concentrate on the true causes of inefficiency and reach their target OEE.

Although not a requirement for this application, the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance facility within Prodigy software allows new or retrofit systems to be compliant with the regulatory requirements if required. This ensures the highest levels of system security and traceability.

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Systems can be fitted to new or legacy packaging lines and are highly cost effective with fast return on investment. If you have a packaging line application and would like more information please contact us.