Laser Micrometer Wire Monitoring

Rectangular wire manufacturing system featuring on-line SPC analysis, batch tracking and continuous alarm monitoring.

The system was designed to monitor the production of rectangular wire against defined specification limits. The computer is linked to a Zumbach Laser Gauging Head on each of 4 production lines and continuously monitors the returned x, y measurements.


Key Benefits


Laser Micrometer Wire Monitoring


  • Continuous process records
  • Automatic online SPC analysis
  • Batch tracking
  • Continuous alarm monitoring

The detailed specifications for the product are entered by the operators prior to starting the production run. This includes: initial unlogged length; nominal width; top limit tolerance; top pre-alarm tolerance; bottom limit tolerance; bottom pre-alarm tolerance; nominal thickness; top limit; top pre-alarm; bottom limit; and bottom pre-alarm.

Once the run has started, the measured x and y dimensions and the derived max, min, mean and standard deviations are checked against the entered specification.

Any alarm conditions resulting are logged by the system and are highlighted to the operator through the permanent alarm banner and on an alarm printer.

All production run data is also stored into batch files against an entered reference number and a customer identity, and is then available for later analysis on trend graphs and printed reports.

All signal values are available in both imperial and metric units on the system’s mimic and trend displays. In addition to viewing these on the main computer, engineers also have access to the displays from a remote PC.

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