Gold Coating Chamber Control

Upgraded control for a gold coating chamber used for applying protective coatings to aircraft canopies in the aerospace industry.

gold coating chamberThe coating process vaporises gold in the chamber under high vacuum with the system monitoring and controlling each stage in the process cycle.

The system runs on an industrial PC. Custom operator screens give a pictorial display of the chamber and associated equipment for each stage of process, with process values shown in numerical and dial formats.

Displays are interactive with on screen buttons giving operators direct access to commonly used functions. System alarms caused by abnormal conditions trigger both an on screen alarm banner and flashing alarm beacon.

Chamber vacuum measurements required for cycle control are performed by Leybold instruments that provide Pirani and Penning measurements with the instruments connected to the PC using dedicated RS232 links.


Key Benefits


Gold Coating Chamber Control


  • Cost effective upgrade of existing equipment
  • Improved quality control & reduced scrap
  • Process data available for analysis
  • Automated Proof of Process reports

Prodigy automatically creates new process records for each coating run, uniquely identified by works order number and start date and time and continuously records all process data. Portable radio barcode scanners allow the system to track each product.

Pre set graphs and reports enable detailed analysis of individual runs or comparison of any selected runs. Prodigy’s Proof of Process reports provide a concise single page report for each coating run.

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