Galvanizing Process Monitoring

Galvanizing process monitoring system for the efficient control of seven wire galvanizing production lines.

galvanizing process monitoringThe system was designed to monitor the wire galvanizing process on seven production lines to ensure that the various baths and dryers are correctly heated and efficient control is being exercised.

The status of two hundred and forty burners is checked to ensure they are on and the flames are lit when required. The fifty five temperature controllers used are monitored during production periods to ensure that the measured value and setpoint are within a defined tolerance. The time each controller spends above 98% power is checked to ensure good control is being maintained.

Key Benefits


Galvanizing Process Monitoring


  • Better control of the galvanizing process
  • Remote access of all process information
  • Reduced wastage
  • Central data capture and production reporting

The galvanizing process system also monitors the exhaust stack pressures to ensure the filters are not blocked and totalises the gas usage by each bath and dryer.

The outflow from each acid bath is also monitored to ensure excessive quantities are not sent to the treatment plant.

Remote access to all this information is also provided through a fibre optic link to the maintenance department half a mile away.

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