Forging Process Monitoring

Forging process monitoring system reduces maintenance costs and boosts working time by accurate control of product throughput.

forging process monitoringThe system was designed for forging process monitoring of seven forges as they are used in the production of car parts. Incorrect setups or pressing steel that is too cold can cause serious damage to the forges which are very expensive to repair. It was, therefore, important to monitor the peak load applied during each pressing cycle and highlight possible problems as early as possible.


Key Benefits


Forging Process Monitoring


  • Early warning of possible damage
  • Better understanding of normal forging process conditions
  • Better understanding of product based and forge based down time
  • Maintenance cost savings

As the clutch is operated on a press, the maximum load is determined and this measurement is then passed back to the computer.

The forging process system automatically checks the loads against a set of pre-defined alarm limits and highlights possible problems through the alarm banner and an audible annunciator. In addition, the temperature of the billets coming from each furnace to each press can also be checked through the use of infrared cameras.

The forging process system was also used to calculate the number of finished products made and to log the reasons for any down time periods that occurred. This data is then available online for analysis or in printed reports.

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