Evaporator Monitoring and Control

applications evaporatorThe requirement was for the upgrading of control and monitoring for two industrial evaporators utilising the existing Eurotherm controllers and Mitsubishi PLC.

The Prodigy based system runs on two industrial PC’s, which not only provide an operator interface for each evaporator unit but also allow for future expansion.

Each PC provides several detailed mimic screens per evaporator showing, in P & I format, the status of all valves, pumps, motors, levels etc. These interactive screens also allow for the operation of the valves, pumps, motors as well as control of set points, output power etc.


Key Benefits


Evaporator Monitoring and Control


  • Extended asset life at low cost
  • Improved process control
  • Realtime and historic trend graphs allow detailed process analysis
  • Automatic Proof of Process reports for each product cycle

The system continuously records all actuations of valves, motors, pumps and controller values to hard disk. These can be viewed on trend graphs in real time or historically over any period for detailed analysis. Similarly all alarm conditions are recorded alarm history reports produced for any period.

An on-screen alarm banner shows alarms as they occur with an audible alarm siren triggered selectively for crucial alarms.

Batching is used to identify each product cycle with an in screen form provided for operator input. A single page batch report combining batch information, trend graphs and alarms is automatically generated at the end of each cycle.

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