Energy Monitoring System

Energy monitoring system for realtime energy management of industrial utilities.

With an ultimate aim of reducing energy costs for a food processing plant, the energy used, in terms of both electricity and steam, was to be monitored. This began with the monitoring of the supply voltage and currents on 10 three phase supplies and will be expanded by the end user to cover steam usage at a later date.

Key Benefits

Energy Monitoring System
  • Better understanding of energy usage
  • Reduction in energy costs and the ability to claim rebates from the Climate Change Levy
  • Ability to expand the system to target key areas identified
  • Provision of online maintenance to build a knowledge store from their expert staff

Continuous recalculations of power used on each phase of each supply were made by the system and shown on a site mimic display.

The minimum, mean and maximums of each of these were then calculated on a daily basis and stored into an Access database for weekly reporting.

The energy used was also derived on a daily basis to provide a comparison with the electricity supplier’s meters.

Armed with this information relating to their current usage of energy, the company will then be able to show the efficiencies that they have made and, thus, gain rebates under the Climate Change Levy.

A variety of manually made meter readings are also taken from around the site. Initially these were to be entered through Prodigy’s Xform facility and then automated at a later date.

If you have an energy monitoring system application and would like more information please contact us.