Effluent Treatment Plant Monitoring System

effluent treatment monitoringEffluent treatment plant monitoring system using telemetry for data acquisition and networking for information distribution.

As the signal transducers needed to be distributed throughout the plant, the best way to deliver the measurements to Prodigy was to make use of radio telemetry interface units. This also allowed the data to be transmitted to both a local Prodigy system and a second system ¾ mile away.

Using Prodigy Remote Workstation over the customer’s world wide network, the data was also made available to 6 remote engineers, the Health and Safety department, and to the local security officers in the gatehouse.

Key Benefits

Effluent Treatment Plant Monitoring System

  • Cost effective installation using radio telemetry
  • Increased visibility of data to engineers
  • Continuous recording for historic trending
  • Easy to use, informative and intuitive interface

All users were given access to a set of mimic displays to allow them to visually see the levels in the effluent tanks and lagoons, and the states of the various pumps, aerators etc.

The signal data was also recorded to the hard disk and made available on a set of trend displays, so that changes over any period of time could be easily viewed.

The system monitors an industrial effluent treatment plant comprising of a surface water tank, surface water lagoon and emergency lagoon. Measurements were made of: dissolved O2; heavy metal content; levels; pump states; and aerators.

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