Centralised Alarms Management System

PAMS - Prodigy Centralised Alarms Management System replaces outdated alarm panels for supervisory control of multiple distributed alarm systems for monitoring all critical activities and functions.
Any type of alarm system can be supervised including for example, air conditioning, fire detection, toxic vapour detection, telecom systems, information systems, meteorological equipment, energy production etc
The functionality of PAMS is based on systems designed by Tascomp that have been installed and proven in demanding commercial environments such as airports since 2003.
The system is a cost effective, state of the art solution for alarm management that gives instant alarm notification and recording of user response for all connected systems. As soon as an alarm is triggered it alerts the concerned personnel 24/7 so that intervention and response in case of malfunctioning or accidents can been rapidly activated.
The system offers:
Excellent reliability.
Easy re-configuration of alarm channels.
Automatic event recording and reporting.
Capacity to expand to meet future requirements.
Distributed, remote monitoring via PC network.
Global & sub-grouped alarms.
Multiple alarm access & acceptance points.
PAMS is a highly reliable and configurable supervisory alarm monitoring solution to replace traditional manual alarm panels and outdated alarm logging methods. Alarms are presented using a touch screen mimic of the alarm panel being replaced, which makes the system very easy to use, requiring minimal retraining for operators. Centralised alarm management system activity is continuously recorded with all actions such as alarm acceptance etc. time stamped. Flexible and fully configurable user security enables full audit trail. 
Find out more at the PAMS website.