Batch Process Monitoring

Batch process monitoring system improves product consistency for a major food manufacturer.

Batch process

batch process monitoring

In order to gain a better understanding of both the batch process and the equipment being used in the manufacturing operation, a wide range of analogue and digital measurements were monitored by Prodigy using three ADAM 5000 data acquisition units. In addition, seven Eurotherm temperature controllers were also monitored to provide a trend history of the process in relation to ambient conditions.


Key Benefits


Batch Process Monitoring


  • Better understanding of the batch process
  • Replacement for ageing chart recorders
  • Enables tracking of individual batches from manufacture through to packaging
  • Provision of online maintenance to build a knowledge base from their expert staff

The system was also designed to allow the knowledge gained to be added to that of the expert staff to form a database of information which would enable the process to be run more consistently and problems to be resolved more quickly.

Individual batches were monitored to allow tracking of suet production from manufacture through to discharge onto a packaging line and, to improve planning, included a database of suet currently held in a cold store.

Prodigy software is highly flexible and can be used to develop systems for any type of batch process monitoring and control. Prodigy is available through a network of approved resellers supplying software through to "turnkey" ready to use systems.

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