Automatic Retort Control

A system designed to automate the control of a small retort, used for University teaching and research.

Automatic retort

Automatic retort control

The mechanisms employed were adapted from those used by commercial organisations for multiple retorts, with recipes to determine the cooking profile for different products. Twenty different control parameters were also made available to allow the characteristics of the various stages in the process to be altered.


Key Benefits


Automatic Retort Control


  • Automated control cycle
  • Recipe based control sequences
  • Easy adjustment of the control parameters
  • Real time calculation of F0
  • Single page report details for proof of process and due diligence

The control sequences also made use of 7 in-can thermocouples during the flood and cooling stages, and used a software three term controller to accurately adjust the steam flow throughout.

During the cook process, the F0 value is continually recalculated to allow the operator the ability to extend cooking times as required.

On completion of a cook, a single page report can also be produced detailing the whole process as a trend graph and highlighting any alarm conditions that occurred.

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