Autoclave Control and Process Monitoring

Retrofit autoclave control system designed to perform automatic temperature and pressure control cycles for advanced composites manufacturing in the aerospace industry.

Autoclave control

Autoclave control

The system was designed to perform automatic temperature and pressure control cycles for two large walk in autoclaves. The system replaced the original outdated control system and provides a sequence of idle, ramp, dwell, cooling, depressurisation and purge stages.


Key Benefits


Autoclave Control and Process Monitoring


  • Automated control cycle
  • Versatile, unlimited recipes
  • Easy operator interface
  • Unmanned operation
  • Detailed process reports
  • Reduced cycle time

The exact ramp and dwell part of the sequence is determined by a recipe which allows up to 6 temperature / pressure ramps and the following timed dwells to be defined.

Any number of the recipes can be configured in the system and then selected when the process is to be started.

Continuous monitoring of the process was performed to provide detailed process reports at the end of each batch and to allow signals to be checked against alarm levels.

In the event of an alarm condition, both warning and emergency shutdown conditions were handled to provide appropriate responses.  As with any control system, low level alarm functions were provided to allow for unmanned running.

These type of control systems can be fitted to any make or model of autoclave and are highly cost effective. They allow old, outdated or unserviceable autoclave control systems to be replaced without renewing the autoclave itself. This extends asset life considerably and at low capital cost. 

The FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance facility within Prodigy software allows new or retrofit autoclave control systems to be compliant with the regulatory requirements if required. This ensures the highest levels of system security and traceability.

If you have an autoclave control application and would like more information please contact us.